Privacy Policy

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Log Files

We use stats counter to track down the user’s location, browsers, operating system and screen resolution but the private information.

Note that the email addresses that are entered in the required fields are not publicly displayed. Email are only taken using, purchase form, comments and contact us forms.

We collect this information just to deliver the items and improve the content of our website so we can provide quality content to our users.

Public Information

Pikpsd allows users to create comments on our websites, by doing so other users are able to collect their data such as website or email and try to contact them off the site, Pikpsd is not responsible of any offsite activity or communication.

Use Of Information Provided By Users

The users who contact us, we do not use their information. Their personal information will not be used for any purpose and will stay secure.
All comments, email and other data received by Pikpsd are the property of Pikpsd and may be use for website improvement.


Third-party advertisers will only be able to track basic website usage information, such as page views and ranks. E-mail addresses will not be passed to the advertisers for any reason.

Privacy Contact

If you feel that this Graphic Drum is not following above Privacy Policy, you can contact us with your concerns.