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February 24, 2018     Ali Iqbal    

This post is about some of the best premium WordPress themes that we need in our daily lives but we hadn’t had the chance to practice them or get to know about them until now. These WordPress themes are being offered to us by none other than the Webful Creations. Webful Creations is a hub of best WordPress themes and plugins.

WordPress, in general, and in hidden:

First of all, let’s have some insight on WordPress in general. And also the facts about WordPress that we are still unaware of. WordPress, as we all know, is the most popular and best content management system until now. (even though there are plenty of them, still WordPress is the best of them all) But our talk is not about this. We are going to talk about the reason its the best. Why is it the best among the lot? What is so special about it? Or what exactly does it offer that made it distinct?

WordPress stands out because of the availability of hundreds of free and premium themes and plugins. It also has an advancement of getting a theme according to your work’s demand. For example, if from the available themes you don’t find any relevant theme, you can always not only get from theme shops or platforms that sell WordPress themes but you can also customize those available ones according to your requirement. All of this process is easy and simple with guidance at every step.

Features that define WordPress as one of the best Content Management System:

Some of the unknown facts (as the heading says) are as follows:

  • WordPress is totally free and open source. Not only this but you can use WordPress for whatever kind of site you want, and as many sites, as you want, without purchasing additional licenses.
  • WordPress is not just for blogging. From e-commerce sites to communities to online courses WordPress offers so much more. Now, a basic website for a local business or a huge online store selling thousands of products can be done with WordPress.
  • WordPress Plugins actually let you add multiple features to an already established website without coding.
  • You can also create a members-only website through WordPress plugins.
  • Through WordPress, You can also work as a freelancer.
  • WordPress skills are also super valuable for bloggers, marketing consultants, SEO consultants, and anyone else who works with sites hosted on WP.
  • It gives solid backup grounds for your content and efficiently manages import and export.

WordPress themes by Webful Creations:

Webful Creations as mentioned already is a platform that provides you some of the best, unique, trendy, and relevant (related to immediate surrounding) themes. Some of the main features that they have in all their themes are as follows:

Primary Features:

  • All the themes at Webful Creations are designed with so much proficiency. The main thing that’s been considered while creating these themes is the simplicity of design (not everyone has firsthand knowledge about the coding or technology used in theme making).
  • As you don’t always know that where in the world you are being searched and on what device and browser. That’s why the safe way is this situation is to make your website friendly to all devices and browsers. WordPress themes at Webful Creations are responsive to all devices and browsers.
  • SEO ranking is one big thing today. All the chaos and effort is for high SEO score of your content. Search Engine Compatibility of all the themes at Webful Creations is highly efficient.
  • Security of website is very important to secure your all investment and time on your website. These themes are completely secure and threat free.
  • Loading speed of website (media, tabs, links) plays a big role in bringing potential customers. Your site needs to load fast or else no one would sit and wait for you when hundreds of hundreds of competitive websites are also there. Webful Creations themes enable you to make a fast loading WordPress website.
  • Even though Webful Creations have it all in their basic layout but if you feel any element lacking from your requirements you can easily update your website through Self-customization option. WordPress themes under Webful Creations banner are bundled with powerful customize options in WordPress live editor.

Secondary Features:

  • Webful Creations offer unique and separate post types for each category of pages. Because having separate post types, services, testimonials and faq’s enables you to customize your pages once and easily.
  • Other than built-in Sidebars, you can also add options like Deactivate Sidebar, Left Sidebar, the Right sidebar is the powerful options of their WordPress themes.
  • Woocommerce support is needed by every other website too. In Webful Creations themes, it is very easy to install the WooCommerce plugin in your WordPress installation.
  • All these themes are easy to install and update and you can keep your website secure throughout.
  • These WordPress themes are ready to translate in any language as they are powered by RTL support (right to left). Default language file is located in /languages/ folder. You can use any plugin you like to translate the theme. Or just download PoEdit and make a new .mo for the translation in your language.
  • These themes have an effective backup formula and it is easy to manage the backup and import/export in these themes.
  • For all products and services, they have 24/7 support available.



WordPress themes

PLUMBING – CONSTRUCTION and PLUMBER WORDPRESS THEME is a great development for the ones who were far from technology. Plumbers can now get their work done with the infusion of technology in it. This WordPress theme offers every element that a plumbing site might need. Along with all the basic features mentioned above. This theme is clean coded and is obtainable without any technical complexities so everyone can use it.


DENTAL CLINIC – DENTIST & MEDICAL WORDPRESS THEME don’t only cover dentistry related themes but this theme can also cater other medical platforms. Dentist WordPress theme provides you with all basic information about the best dentist in town, their work, experience, and all the other details that you might expect from your dentist. This theme also possesses all the basic features mentioned above.


OPTOMETRY, OPTICIAN & OPTICS STORE WORDPRESS THEME is similar to the previous one as it can also be used for medical stores other than optometry. This has all such (including the basics) features that can answer all your what’s, where’s and how’s about an optometrist site.



EDUCATION WORDPRESS THEME – EDUCATION WP can be used by education-related websites because education and technology are the key success elements. It has all the basic features that are mentioned above.


PET GROOMING / PET SHOP / VETERINARY WORDPRESS THEME is specifically designed for vet-related purposes. But like a previous couple of themes, it can also cater for pet shops, pet grooming websites, and other purposes related to pet care. It also possesses all the basic features that are mentioned above.

For any queries whether about the product or theme purchase feel free to contact Webful Creations. 

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